7th March, 2014
What to Do Before You Rent an Apartment in Philadelphia

Renting can be both fun and overwhelming but here are a few tips for first-timers who wish to lease their very first Philadelphia apartment.

Decide on a budget. So, what can you afford? Most Philadelphia apartment building landlords or management companies will require a security deposit and first month’s rent before you even move-in (and if you have a pet – that will cost extra). Make sure you have that kind of money up front. While you may be able to negotiate rent and security deposit — know that you will need between $900 to $3000, depending on the size, price and demand for the Philadelphia apartment you are looking at. Also, each month, decide how much you can afford to reasonably pay given utilities, cable, groceries and other cost of living expenses.

Have References. First time renters will most likely have to have non-family references such as your manager on your job and others who can vouch for you and your ability to be a responsible renter who is gainfully employed or has the means to pay rent on time each month. Often the Philadelphia apartment management company will need to verify your financial status and ability to pay rent on time.

Check your credit. One of the first things a landlord or property manager for a Philadelphia rental apartment will check is your credit and if it falls well below 650 — most will want an explanation. Does it mean you do not pay on time or maybe you haven’t developed a credit history yet? Either way, credit scores are important and if your score is low, you may have to ask that a family member or friend co-sign the lease with you.


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