11th April, 2014
Moving Day for Philadelphia Apartments

When you are changing Philadelphia apartments, whether you’re moving on up or downsizing, there are a ton of “moving pieces” you need to manage to avoid a moving nightmare.  That means being organized and expecting the unexpected. So here’s how to keep your sanity amid the chaos…

Right Before Moving Day:

–  If you hired a professional moving company then make sure they are coming on the designated date and time by demanding a reference number or a call from them a few days before. You should probably be proactive and call them yourself a few days out.  If the worst happens – they lose the order or wrote down the wrong day – you still have time to hire another company if necessary.

–  Make arrangements with your new landlord for exact move in day criteria (how long can the movers hold the elevator for instance) and where you can pick up keys, etc.

–  If you ordered furniture – make sure to have them deliver on or right after moving day to avoid them showing up to an empty apartment.

–  If cable and wireless is your life – have the cable company come day of moving.

–  Have the new apartment cleaned – either professionally or yourself.

–  Make arrangements to clean the old place out – you may need to come back the next day for instance and clean the empty apartment.

–  Call carpet cleaners for old and new place if necessary and make the arrangements.

–  Make sure you are completely packed the day of the move – there will always be a few things here and there you need to stuff in a box or in your car, but ultimately the more packed and organized you are the faster and easier the move.

Day of Moving

–  Have at least one person at the new apartment in Philadelphia to meet any furniture or cable company deliveries and one or more persons at the old place.  This goes without saying – your moving crew (whether it’s a professional crew or your friends) need to be monitored so as long as they are in your old place – make sure you or a friend/spouse is on hand.

–  Have all your reference numbers, receipts and critical phone numbers on hand with you in case you need to call the movers, cable company, etc.

–  Splurge for lunch – whether you hired a crew or have friends and family helping out – buying lunch (pizza, sandwiches, etc.) is a nice gesture.

–  Tip your professional moving crew – have cash on hand to do that – it’s a nice thing.  If it’s your friends – remember to treat them for lunch and maybe for coffee or a beer.

–  Have one box or suitcase that you keep on hand with necessities such as towels, toilet paper, toiletries and other things you might need right away.  Your new apartment in Philadelphia will look as if a hurricane hit it and trying to find some of the little things (like toilet paper) can be a nightmare if you don’t have it ready to go.

–  Stay calm – it’s easy to get stressed and emotional when you are tired and run down from a move – but keeping your cool will go a long way to get you from point A to B in no time at all!

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