10th May, 2014
Making it Through Your Philly Apartment Moving Day

Are you ready for your big move into a brand new Philly apartment? You may be drained and tired in the end, but here are five tips to make moving day a little easier and enjoy your new Philly apartment with less stress and anxiety.

1.  Keep important numbers/receipts/agreements handy in a moving file.  Moving is not just about moving furniture and boxes but changing out cable, utilities, etc.  Therefore, having a check-list as well as hard copies of all your “important correspondence” will be helpful.  You can put moving documents such as rental agreements, moving company receipts, cable-company confirmation numbers as well as other important correspondence into one folder so you can keep track of all the details. (Keep that folder or file on or near you in case you need to reference it).

2.  Hire a professional moving company.  Nothing replaces the convenience of a moving company schlepping your furniture and boxes to your new Philadelphia apartment.  If you decide to hire a moving service, call several moving companies in your area to find the best estimate.  Moving companies often base the pricing on how many rooms and pounds of “stuff” (boxes and furniture) you have.  You can always rent a truck and have your friends help you – but if you have delicate or ultra-heavy furniture – professional movers are your best bet.  PS: it is always nice to buy lunch for the movers or give a tip…

3.  Moving-in Inspection list.  For both your old and new Philly apartment, make sure you take note of any damage or other issues you see.  For instance, were there dings on the walls or tiles when you first moved in?  If so, note them and make sure your landlord or property manager is aware so you are not charged unfairly for repairs that were not your responsibility.

4.  Change of address.  Make sure to go online to US Post Office and fill out a change of address form  or to your local post office where you can do it in person.

5.  Read your rental agreements.   Before moving out, make sure you know the terms of your rental agreement.  For instance, when leaving a place, do you have to give so many days/weeks notice? Are you cutting short a lease or is it a rental month to month?  Make sure you know these details so you don’t owe more money than necessary.

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2 thoughts on “Making it Through Your Philly Apartment Moving Day

  1. Brandon Lewis

    Thank you for this tips. we might have plans in moving in the next 3 months. I’m still balancing everything so that I’ll be able to move smoothly. thank you again for this tips. I hope this will help.

  2. Hazel J. King

    Reading the rental agreement attentively is mandatory. Doing this can avoid future conflicts and unforeseeable problems. One way of being a responsible tenant also.


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