30th March, 2015
Sustainable Philly Apartments Start With You

Sustainability and smart environmental stewardship has always been an important priority for many in our Philadelphia apartment community.  Being more careful about what you buy, consume, and throw away may not seem like the most exciting way to make a difference in the environment, but it is the little things that make a difference and everyone can do their part. But efficient daily practices and a some good old fashioned common sense are great for the environment and can even save you money over time.

Use this checklist below to see how many waste management and recycling practices you have implemented. Then make a plan of action to expand your efforts – if you have roommates you can try and make a competition for who can be greener. Sustainable Philly apartments start with you!

–  Make waste reduction a priority in your Philadelphia apartment
–  Evaluate the waste you generate to identify and reduce your greatest sources of waste.
–  Measure the volume or weight of the garbage you generate and set measurable reduction targets.
–  Reject wasteful consumption by carefully considering what you need and buying products that last. It is penny-wise and pound foolish to buy cheap products you will need to replace frequently, when spending a little more for something better quality can last you years.
–  Purchase products with minimal packaging or packaging that can be recycled, or buy in bulk. Costco and Target are never too far away!
–  Use cloth napkins, cloth lunch bags, sponges/dish rags, reusable plates, and reusable coffee filters instead of paper alternatives.
–  Repair or donate older or unwanted equipment and household goods to local charitable groups, rather than dispose of them.
–  Purchase furniture that is built to last and equipment or products made of recycled material to reduce waste from inferior products.
–  Purchase recycled paper products, such as printer paper, bathroom tissue, etc.
–  Set up an area in your Philadelphia apartment to collect recyclable of paper, glass, cardboard, aluminum, tin, and plastic.
–  Compost outdoor wastes such as grass clippings, leaves, and appropriate kitchen waste.

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