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Who’s Building Philly: Matt and Mike Pestronk
6th June, 2018
Philly Mag's Sandy Smith talks with Post Brothers co-founders Matt and Mike about their successful business strategy, and domination of the Philadelphia real estate market.

The opportunity-seeking duo have a knack for finding diamonds in the rough, polishing them, then marketing them with a flair for showmanship. From their beginnings in Germantown in the mid-2000s, the actual brothers behind Post Brothers, Matt and Mike Pestronk, have had a bloodhound’s ability to pick up the scent of an apartment building that wasn’t living up to its potential. Then, once they found their quarry, they would capture it, drag it off to their renovation team, and let them have at it.

The end result was invariably far nicer and more impressive than the building they had found. And once they were done with it, they had a showman’s ability to persuade you to come look, perchance to live in it.

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