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‘This Too Shall Pass’: 43 Real Estate Execs On The Biggest Lessons Of 2020
13th December, 2020
The last 280 days of the coronavirus pandemic have been unprecedented, unimaginable and tragic in countless ways. From an economic perspective, where we work, where we eat, where we shop — where we do anything — is still mostly in flux. It’s anyone’s guess what will come back stronger, or perhaps not at all. At every level of real estate and the global economy, people and companies are suffering.

"The enduring appeal of urban living has been made clear: People don’t only live in the city to be close to their jobs and for restaurants and bars. They live in the city for opportunity — opportunity for professional advancement, for personal relationships, and to build off of the collective energy and ideas of others." - Mike and Matt Pestronk, Co-founders of Post Brothers.

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