16th July, 2021
Practical Tips for Moving Your Family to a New Apartment in Philadelphia

Whatever your reason for moving to a new apartment in Philadelphia, the entire process can be both challenging and overwhelming, especially now with COVID adding additional stress and concerns for families. Aside from the challenges, the idea of settling your family into a new Philadelphia apartment can be extremely difficult and emotionally draining for even the most organized and well-prepared.

At any Post Brothers properties, we want to make sure your family relocation will be as seamless as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can perform to help yourself and your family members to adapt and make the whole moving experience less tedious for everyone involved.

If you’re moving your family to a new apartment building in Philadelphia, below are the practical tips to consider from the beginning for a smooth move:

Involve Your Kids in the Process

You have many things to do in your new apartment unit, and the same sentiment goes to your kids. Thus, if you want to make the transition less taxing to your little ones, it’s best to include them in the process.

For example, you can sit down with them and ask for their preferences and opinions to help them look forward to the relocation. Although you can’t quickly accommodate all their requests, you can at least let them plan the design of their bedrooms to make moving more exciting to everyone.

Know the Apartment Rules

Before relocating to your new apartment, you should first get familiar with the rules and regulations of the building, which include cleaning requirements, safety protocols, and many more. For instance, you might only be required to relocate within a specific timeframe or pay parking fees for the moving truck. Moreover, your apartment might also have rules about living with kids or family.

Whatever these are, make sure you understand the building’s rules and regulations before the moving day. That way, you can adequately prepare for the transition and make it less stressful for all family members.

Hire a Reliable Moving Company

Typically, relocating to a new apartment unit can be a big step for your family. Although it’s not exactly the same when you move to a new house, the process can still be a daunting experience. This is where experienced apartment movers come to the rescue. You can simply search for “moving company near me” or “Philadelphia moving company” and you will see tons of companies near your area that’s offering these services.

Unlike moving to a new house, settling into a new apartment comes with plenty of challenges. Hence, it’s a good idea to let professionals take the stress of your move and take care of it for you. In doing so, you’ll have more time with your family throughout the transition. However, when hiring movers, be careful in choosing licensed and trustworthy people to work with.

Pack Items Efficiently and Safely

Moving to an apartment in Philadelphia can be more difficult because you need to follow some building rules and regulations. Because of this, you should take extra care when packing all your household items safely and efficiently to prevent them from getting damaged while in transit.

Below are some ways to make packing less taxing to the whole family:

– Collect proper packing supplies and materials.

– Come up with an efficient packing timeline to avoid stressful last-minute preparations.

– Secure all fragile items and valuables in their respective moving boxes.

– Make sure your appliances, electronics, and furniture are packed with adequate protection.

– Prepare an essential moving box for survival during the first night in your new apartment.

– Have a good labelling strategy to ensure nothing will be misplaced during the moving day.

Get Childcare Help

Again, moving to a new apartment building can be a daunting task, especially if you have to do with your family. With all the adjustments that everyone has to go through, you need to pay attention to your little ones’ welfare throughout the moving process. For example, if you’re relocating to a luxury apartment building in Philadelphia, you might have plenty of things to accomplish, such as settling of utilities, making little landlord-approved upgrades, and many more.

Therefore, to allow yourself to tackle these things on your own, you can get some childcare help for your kids on the big day. By doing this, you can focus on moving tasks without worrying about the welfare of your children.

Final Thoughts

Although family relocation and moving to a new city can be an exciting life experience, it can also be challenging. From thinking about the concerns of the moving process to making your family feel comfortable in your new apartment, the process can cause a lot of stress and worries to everyone involved.

Luckily, by following the tips mentioned above when you move into your Philly apartment, you can make the transition more enjoyable and less stressful for your family.

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