25th May, 2014
Philadelphia Apartment Move-In Checklist

Moving into a new rental apartment in Philadelphia can be an exciting breath of fresh air.  It’s a chance for a change, to reinvent yourself, clean out your closets and donate and/or trash things you no longer need.

Moving is also complicated and stressful, so before making that big jump to a new Philadelphia apartment – make a move-in check-in list so you can better manage your move.

Check list for cleaning, measuring and moving into a Philadelphia apartment:

Inspection Check-List – Before moving in, as part of your rental agreement, make note of any scratches or scrapes for your landlord or Philadelphia apartment property manager so you are not charged for repairs that aren’t yours.  If there are cracked tiles, scratches in cabinetry – make note of anything and let your property manager know.

Understand the lease/rental agreement terms – Most people sign a lease — a binding contract that means you are responsible for paying rent for your apartment in Philadelphia for a certain amount of time (usually six months to a year).  In addition to the amount of time you are required to pay rent, ensure you have read through the lease agreement properly and know all the conditions for move in, move out, deposits, pets, repairs, complaints, decoration (especially if you want to paint the place) and more.

Measure and imagine how furniture might fit – If you are thinking of buying new furniture and/or bringing over existing furniture, walk through the Philadelphia apartment to see where it all might fit and measure the walls and floor areas.  Your new place will have new dimensions and the nice couch that fit so well in one apartment can be too big or small for the next.

Clean Up Before Moving In – It’s always best to have your Philadelphia apartment clean and ready for move in BEFORE the furniture and boxes take over the floor and wall space. Confirm with your landlord or property manager to confirm who will be responsible.
Move in as much stuff as possible before moving day:  If you can take possession or have access to the apartment in Philadelphia a few weeks or days before your actual move-in day, check to see if you can drop off some boxes, etc. (Make sure the apartment is secured and has new locks). This is a way to install some convenience items you may need right away like soap, dishes, toilet paper and more.

Get all the keys before or on move-in day – Make sure the landlord or property manager has not only changed the locks but has given you all the keys – to your apartment, your laundry room, garage, etc.

Movers – If you hire a moving company, call several in your area to get the best estimate.  If you want to rent a truck and have family and friends help – make sure you have plenty of back-up on moving day.

Change of Address – Fill out a change of address form  or go to your local post office where you can do it in person.

Change Over Utilities and Cable Service to New Philadelphia Apartment – Remember to call your utility companies as well as your cable provider to change/install service for your new Philadelphia apartment.  Best to have it done on or before you move in.

Change Your Address for Bank and Credit Cards – You want to make sure that your bank and creditors have your new address for identification purposes (even if you do most bill paying or banking online, you still need to make sure they have current address).

Change Your Address for DMV – While the Department of Motor Vehicles may not issue you a new license, you need to make sure they have your new address on file.

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