30th September, 2020
New York to Philadelphia is Easier Than You Think

New York is going through a difficult time, and we do not want to kick a great city when it’s down, but the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to rethink many of the myths of living in New York City and are starting to look a little further south to Philadelphia.

Shootings in New York City were up 127% for the month year-on-year, and murders up 76%.  It continued the alarming trend of a rise in violent crime in New York City since May.  So far in 2020, murder is up 40% and shootings have increased 91% from last year.

And in New York City, people get to pay a lot for the privilege of a lower quality of life than in years past.  According to CityRealty, the average rent in Manhattan overall is approximately $5,280/month, and this reflects lower rental prices as a result of the pandemic.  As of July 2020, Manhattan real estate prices dropped by 4.2% year-over-year to $1,450,000, according to StreetEasy.

Philadelphia is a relative bargain.  While neighborhoods in and around Center City, including University City and Northern Liberties are in high demand and pricey compared to Philadelphia apartments available in other neighborhoods, the average monthly rent of University City and Northern Liberties is $1,568 less than the most expensive neighborhoods in the Boston metro area, and $3,172 less than the most expensive neighborhoods in New York City.

“For anyone who had commuted in and around New York City on a daily basis in the best of times, the frequent delays, packed trains and buses, and other grievances associated with public transportation are soul-crushing,” says Todd William, founder and CEO of Reputation Rhino, an online reputation management company in New York City, “but add in a highly contagious virus and many New York commuters are dreading the inevitable call to return to the office, so Philadelphia is a real option to consider.”

There is a better way.  Not only are home and apartment prices and income taxes so much cheaper in Philadelphia, the commute is MUCH more civilized.  You may even enjoy getting to work, something no New Yorker can say with a straight face.

There are three reasonable ways to commute. 

You can take the train in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.  It is expensive — starting at $46, but it is clean, comfortable, air-conditioned and you always get a seat.  A bus can take 2 hours or more, and can cost anywhere from $1 to $30, making it the cheapest option.  I am not a huge fan of buses, but if you are on a budget it is a reasonable choice.  With the money you say on rent, a car, which is prohibitive in New York City, becomes a real possibility if you are living in Philadelphia.  A commute by car covers 95 miles in about 2 hours.  There is always traffic and

I generally prefer to get work done and watch YouTube than having to worry about some moron changing lanes without signaling or tailgating me at 8 in the morning, but you can take your chances if you value your freedom and have a flexible schedule.

Roughly 7,500 people moved from New York City to Philadelphia from February to September, according to Unacast, a location services company. 

Goodbye New York City.  Hello Philadelphia!

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