25th July, 2020
If You Lose Your Job, You Don’t Have to Lose Your Philadelphia Apartment

As of June 2020, Philadelphia had an unemployment rate of 17.7 percent — the highest unemployment rate among the 11 counties that make up the metropolitan area.  Across the United States, the unemployment rate was 11.2 percent.

The global health crisis has affected everyone, and unemployment rates remain stubbornly high.  If you or someone you know requires rental assistance there are government programs may be able to help.  If you lose your job, you don’t have to lose your Philadelphia apartment.

On July 6 the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC) started a new phase of assistance for tenants affected by COVID-19.

In the initial phase, over 4,000 tenants were able to receive some relief. By making direct payments to landlords in Phase 2, the City of Philadelphia and PHDC is expected to be able to help about 6,300 more tenants stay in their Philadelphia apartments and homes.

To be eligible for government assistance, renters must satisfy the following criteria:

– Applicants must live in Philadelphia. Renters outside of Philadelphia must apply directly to their county.

– Landlords and renters must each provide the necessary information.

– Renters must have lost more than 30% of their income due to reduced work hours/wages because of COVID-19, or have become unemployed after March 1 due to COVID-19.

– Renters who applied for PA unemployment assistance must have done so after March 1, 2020.

– Renters’ income before March 1, 2020 must be no more than 100% of the area median income. This works out to an annual income of $87,000 for a family of three.

Applications may be submitted until September 30, 2020 or until funding is exhausted by visiting PHLRentAssist.org.

Philadelphia residents collecting unemployment will soon get additional money under President Trump’s executive order, expected to be $300 weekly, but the Pennsylvania labor department says it will take some time to get the money.


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