12th December, 2014
Energy Saving Tips for Philly Apartments

Who said it’s not easy being green?  You’re already on the right track if you are looking at Green Philly apartments from Post Brothers.

If you are looking to reduce expenses for your Philadelphia apartment and make a huge difference in the environment, we wanted to offer ten tips to save green and go green this year!

1.  Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use. Did you know that televisions, computers and kitchen appliances, as well as cell phone and laptop chargers, all use energy when they are plugged in—even if they are turned off?

2.  Use power strips. “Smart” power strips automatically turn off when electronics are off or when one main unit (like your laptop) is powered down.

3.  Turn off lights whenever you’re not in the room or not in the apartment, there’s no need to leave all the lights to be on.

4.  If you have a window air conditioning unit, regularly clean and replace your air conditioner filters. Filthy filters block air flow, increase energy bills and shorten the life of your air conditioning equipment.

5.  When the weather starts getting warmer in late spring and summer, keep the window shades and blinds down on south-, east- and west-facing windows. In the fall and winter months, open the window shades and blinds up and let the sun shine in.

6.  Activate “sleep” features on your laptop and home office equipment. When electronics go unused for an extended period of time, it reduces the amount of power used.

7.  Lower the temperature on your thermostat or use a smart thermostat or timer. Wear a warm sweater or sweatshirt around the house and put an extra blanket on the bed at night, it’s cheaper than your electric bill.

8.  Use fans or open the windows at night instead of air conditioning whenever possible or combine fans and air conditioning to lower the air temperature a bit.

9.  Close vents and doors to unused rooms.

10.  Wash your laundry with cold water. It’s just as effective and can reduce the wear and tear on your clothes.

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