4th April, 2014
Before You Move to a New Apartment in Philadelphia

Moving to a new home or apartment in Philadelphia is exciting.  However, moving is much more than just simply packing up boxes of stuff.

Make a Checklist the moment you know you will move to a new apartment in Philadelphia:

The first thing you should do before moving to a new apartment in Philadelphia is make a check-list of all the places you will need to call to get utilities, cable and mail over to your new home.   Here is a short list to get you started:

–  Make a budget and make it generous – moving can be expensive from security deposits and first month’s rent being paid up front.  Moving companies, new utility companies will all cost money too.  Make sure you have the budget to pay for it all.

–  Fill out a change of address form at the www.usps.com so that your mail can be forwarded from your old Philadelphia apartment to your new address.

–  Call your local utilities and cancel your current service (don’t cancel it before you move) and call your new utility company (if you are moving to a new area – you might have different utility companies) and set up new service on or right before you move to the new place.

–  Call your cable company to cancel current service and to install service at your new apartment in Philadelphia.

–  Go online or call your bank and creditors to inform them of a change of address.

–  Change your address for your daily newspaper delivery (if you have one)

–  Call at least three moving companies for estimates and/or call to rent a truck to move the stuff yourself.

–  Call family and friends – if you need help with the move, plan far in advance and make sure to follow up a few days before to ensure you have the manpower you need.

–  Buy boxes or collect boxes from work or grocery stores if you don’t want to spring for new boxes; no matter how big your boxes are – you will probably need at least five more than you originally thought.

–  Give your old Philadelphia apartment landlord a few week’s notice – this gesture gives the landlords time to find alternate renters and can go a long way in getting most of your security deposit back.

–  Give yourself plenty of time to pack – packing can be strenuous and tiring – give yourself the time you need and do a little each day so you are not stressing out on the day of the move.

–  Buy lots of moving tape

Good luck!  We hope you love your new apartment in Philadelphia!

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