1st September, 2014
When the Bark is Worse Than the Bite

Living in a Philadelphia apartment with a pet means you always have company when you come home.  Man’s best friend is always at the door with a wag of a tail and a friendly face.

But dogs left alone all day get bored and restless, just like people and many dogs find relief in barking. Some respond noisily to any and all activity, like the sound of a Fed Ex truck or another pet down the hall. But, nothing is as annoying as incessant barking—even for people who love dogs. If your dog likes to bark, please consider some of these tips and tricks to keep the noise down in your Philadelphia apartment. Your neighbors will thank you and your dog will quickly be the most popular pooch on the floor!

ŸDog Training. Always the first recommendation for any behavioral problem! Help is as close as the Internet. Training not only helps your dog learn better coping skills and manners, you’ll be surprised how much it helps you, too. People who try dog training classes often get some insight into why your dog barks so much, or what it is trying to communicate.

ŸCitronella collars. A humane alternative to the electric-shock and other aggressive anti-barking techniques, Citronella collars eliminates or significantly reduces nuisance barking and is available on the web and in pet stores.

ŸConfinement. Sometimes simply bringing an outspoken dog indoors or confining it to a crate or more restrictive space can cut down on nuisance barking and the resulting disturbance to neighbors.

ŸReduce stimuli. Close drapes in your Philadelphia apartment to help quiet street noise, or leave a radio on to mask outdoor disturbances like construction or traffic. Disconnect telephones and doorbells before leaving your home if they upset your dog or make it bark.

ŸCompanionship. Dogs are friendly animals; they need companionship—a cat, bird, or another dog. Consider a mid-day visit from a Philadelphia pet-sitting service, or drop your pooch off at a friend’s place or a day-care facility once or twice a week.


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