20th May, 2014
5 Moving Day Tips for Your Apartment in Philadelphia

Moving is the third most stressful event in life, following death and divorce, according to the Employee Relocation Council.  However, like any challenge, if you are organized and prepared – moving into any apartment in Philadelphia can go smoothly.

1.  Clean the old place. Kitchens and Bathrooms: Moving day is as much about letting go of the old Philadelphia apartment or home as well as preparing for your new apartment in Philadelphia. Experts often note that while the old place is expected to show signs of minor wear and tear – making sure your apartment in Philadelphia is “broom clean” is important. Cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms is probably unpleasant but a “must.” And don’t forget to clean the oven!

2.  Clean the Walls. Pull all nails out of the walls (and spackle the holes). You might even want to paint over some dings (as long as you know what the paint color is – you should inform the management company first). After all there can be 30 shades of white.

3.  Clean the Carpets.  Carpets are never easy to manage and they can easily become a mess. If you were not kind to your carpet in the old Philadelphia apartment – clean it professionally – right after you move so the place looks good for your landlord or management company. If you cannot afford a professional crew, then you can rent steamers at your local market to get out the stains. Vacuuming is a must at the very, very least.

4.  Alert your utility and cable companies of your new address.  It is very important to make sure your utility companies are alerted to your new apartment in Philadelphia address. You want the lights on in the new place and you certainly don’t want to be charged for utilities in the old place after you move out – so call your local utility companies. Also, set up an appointment for the cable company to install your new wireless, television and phone, etc. in the new place – same day of the move if possible.

5.  One box rule.  It is always a good practice to have one box (in your possession – don’t give it to the movers for example) where you keep all the things you might need right away after the moving is done or is in progress — such as fresh bath towels, bottled water, snacks, toilet paper, change of clothes, shampoo and soap. Why? Most people are exhausted (and very sweaty) after moving, so being able to shower in your new place and put on fresh clothes without having to rummage through a pile of boxes is nice. If you have all you need right then and there – you will appreciate the convenience of having all you need for your new apartment in Philadelphia in one place.

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