31st December, 2017
No Advice Like Snow Advice

Is there anything better than a snow day? Well, maybe when we were kids, but if you are trying to get to or from work it can be an absolute mess. Although we have not seen much wintery weather from the windows of our Philadelphia apartments, our friends in Erie, Pennsylvania have another freezing cold story to tell, a Christmas Day snowstorm dropped an incredible 34 inches of snow at Erie Airport and the heavy snow continued into Wednesday morning, bringing its storm total to an unbelievable 65.1 inches of snow – more than five feet of snow – in about 60 hours!

Our management team does try to remove any snow and ice quickly and safely from roads, parking areas and walkways, while still allowing the kids (and those who are young at heart) to have some fun. In the meantime, please keep these cold-weather tips in mind:

Shoveling in and around cars can be good exercise, but pace yourself and drink plenty of water.

Please ask your kids to sled away from parking areas and other places where cars may be coming or going. Philadelphia has some amazing areas to sled, but our apartment common areas, not so much. These guidelines will make things safer for your children and easier on our landscaping. Make sure the kids have a buddy and only sled during daylight hours. We want to make sure everyone stays safe and has fun!

When you warm up your car, wait a few minutes before turning on the heat to give the windshield time to adjust. Drastic changes in temperature can cause your windshield to crack.

That includes pouring warm water on cold glass outside or immediately blasting your defroster inside the car. If you just can’t wait, consider using de-icer sprays instead, which are quick and effective. Rain-X defroster wiper fluid, or similar products, prevent ice from bonding to your windshield making your scraping job much easier.

Keep a supply of drinking water and food on hand. And remember to keep blankets, flashlights and warm clothes handy, just in case there is a power outage.

Don’t expect to see the snow plows until at least multiple inches of snow have accumulated—that’s what we’re contracted for. Please keep this in mind before calling us with your reminders and questions.  Our management team has a lot of experience in winter and are doing everything possible for our residents to safely enter and exit their Philadelphia apartments.

In cold weather, the best advice is don’t go out if you don’t have to. Be smart, put up a cup of hot chocolate and stay warm!

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