31st January, 2015
10 Fire Safety Tips for Your Philadelphia Apartment

The safety of residents living in our luxury Philadelphia apartments is our number one priority.  We often discuss basic fire safety and prevention measures on these pages because fire emergency preparedness is one of the most important things we can all do to protect our family, friends, neighbors and pets.

Here are 10 simple fire safety tips everyone should follow:

1.  Every apartment should have at least one smoke detector. Check them regularly to make sure they are operating properly. Most smoke detectors can be checked by pressing the test button. Replace the batteries in the spring and fall, a good reminder is to change the batteries when you move your clocks back or forward an hour, and whenever a smoke detector beeps to signal that the battery is low. The smoke detector should be replaced on a regular basis in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation, but at least once every ten years.

2.  Cigarettes that are improperly discarded are a leading cause of fire deaths. Never smoke in bed or when you are tired, and be very careful when smoking on a sofa or near rugs or towels or other flammable objects. Be sure that you completely extinguish every cigarette thoroughly and completely.

3.  Matches and lighters can be very dangerous in the hands of small children. Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children and teach children about the danger of fire.

4.  Do not leave cooking areas unattended. Stove tops should be scrubbed and cleaned completely after each use and free of items that can catch on fire. Before you go to sleep, check your kitchen to be sure that your oven is off and any coffee or tea pot is unplugged.

5.  Do not overload electrical outlets. Replace any electrical cord that is cracked or frayed. Never run extension cords under carpets or beneath rugs. Use power strips with circuit-breakers.

6.  Be sure to keep all doorways and window areas leading to fire escapes clear from any obstructions. If you notice accumulations of garbage in the hallways, stairwells, fire escapes or other means exits or entrances, bring this to our attention immediately.

7.  Install window gates only if it is absolutely necessary for safety or security reasons and discuss this with your property manager for prior approval. Never install window gates with key locks.

8.  You and your family or roommates should be familiar with the location of all stairwells, fire escapes and other building exits.

9.  It is smart to take the time to prepare an emergency escape route in the event of a building fire. Choose a meeting place a safe distance from your building where you can meet up if you leave the building.

10.  Christmas trees, holiday wreathes, Hanukkah Menorahs and other holiday decorations can cause a fire in your Philadelphia apartment. If possible, keep them planted or in or near water. When removing trees and other decorations, make sure they do not block exits and are removed as soon as possible, dry leaves are very combustible.

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