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Green Features

Green Development

Post Brothers prides itself on being a leader in “green” development, and considers the protection and enhancement of the environment in every step of our development and management processes so we can offer socially responsible residents the ability to live a green lifestyle at a price they can afford.

Energy Efficiency

In every apartment in every building we develop, we include only Energy Star appliances, compact fluorescent or other high-efficiency light bulbs, new high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, ceiling fans in every bedroom and living room, double-pane thermal insulated windows, and heavy insulation throughout. In addition to reducing energy use, these fixtures greatly improve the indoor environmental quality of our apartments.

Water Conservation & Irrigation

In order to help conserve our natural resources, we only install modern water-efficient fixtures and appliances whenever possible, and use intelligent landscaping irrigation controls.

Carbon Emission

During development and renovation, we ensure we’re using locally-sourced labor and materials whenever possible, and minimize carbon emissions from our supply chain by considering the entire impact of each product, from the raw materials to the shipping and delivery route to our property.

Neighborhood Quality of Life

Well before Post acquires a property for development, we scrutinize the land use impact and neighborhood quality of life of the site. Post Brothers has strict principals when it comes to property selection, including only acquiring properties in population dense in-fill areas that are in excellent proximity to major transportation systems, employment centers, and neighborhood amenities.

Resource Conservation & Recycling

Through online resident maintenance requests and rent payments, highly computerized management systems, and content rich websites for rental information, we cut down on paper use. When renovating, we recycle all demolished materials.